February’ is dental health month. We always want to remember that our pets don’t carry a toothbrush around with them and so their teeth may need some attention. Dental checks are as important to animals as they are to us and looking after their dental health significantly prevents oral problems they may have in the future. Bad breath can he a sign of untreated dental conditions. if left untreated, your pet is at greater risk for problems such as oral pain, periodontitis, kidney or liver infection, and heart disease.

Even if your pet’s breath smells fine, there still could be dental conditions that are hard to spot without a complete veterinary exam and oral x-rays. A thorough oral examination can detect hidden health problems that can he painful. These conditions may lead to tooth extractions if left untreated. Dental x-rays taken during a prophylactic cleaning can uncover conditions below the gum line and give us a better idea of things that need to be addressed.

We are committed to your pet’s health and wellness, and we know that you are as well. Schedule your pet’s dental checkup with us today by calling (925) 447-1420. If you schedule a dental cleaning anytime during the month of February, we are offering 50% off of whole mouth radiographs (savings of $116.57 for small dogs or cats and $190.21 for large dogs) . We’ll do a comprehensive oral and physical exam to make sure your pet is at optimum health. We w ill go over oral health diets and products during the exam as well.

We are very passionate about dental health here at Livermore Family Pet Hospital. Our doctors attend dental conferences to stay up to date on the latest in news and technology and we are held to a higher standard because of our American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) accreditation. You can feel confident that your pet’s mouth is in good hands!